Worst Place in the World

This student must have been having  a particularly bad day. Our school places a strong emphasis on discipline , so students (who tend to be looking for more freedom) and teachers sometimes end up being opponents. Piracy is a misspelling of ‘privacy’, but spelling might not seem that important when you are so angry. Privacy is a touchy issues in schools.…

40 Portfolio Entries = 40 Troubles

Portfolio = Trouble

The English Portfolio is a kind of self-directed learning task done by students at our school. Is it really so much trouble (trouble x 40)? If you are interested to see it, you can find it here:  http://aerodrive.lamwoo.edu.hk/~english/portfolio/index.htm Interestingly, there is a student anti-portfolio (is that too strong a term?) group on Facebook:  English Portfolio去留研討獨立委員會