Worst Place in the World

Worst Place in the World

This student must have been having  a particularly bad day. Our school places a strong emphasis on discipline , so students (who tend to be looking for more freedom) and teachers sometimes end up being opponents. Piracy is a misspelling of ‘privacy’, but spelling might not seem that important when you are so angry.

Privacy is a touchy issues in schools. Do teachers have the right to search bags and desks? Do schools have the right to monitor emails or blog postings sent from computers on its premises? Do students give up all rights once they are on school property?

 The names of the teachers have been deleted. This is one of the few occasions when we needed to censor the notebooks (it broke the rule that writers are not to name the people they are attacking). Some of the comments in our notebooks and sketchbooks are very negative. I’m not sure if this is an accurate reflection of reality. After all, if you are happy with your teacher, you can easily express your appreciation directly to him/her. If you are really annoyed, writing your feelings in a diary is probably a safer option.


The AL (Advanced Level) examinations are taken at the end of Form 7 (Grade 13). They serve as university entrance exams and you must pass all subjects to be eligible for a university degree place. It addition, The higher your grades are, the better your chance is of studying a subject that you actually want to study.

They are very difficult exams (much more difficult than the HKCEE exams that are described in the post Afraid of Everything (https://nobm.wordpress.com/2010/05/06/afraid-of-everything/) and the subjects go into much greater detail than anything I studied in Grade 13 in Canada). Taking the exams puts a lot of pressure on students.

These two exams are being phased out and will soon be replaced by a single exam at the end of Form 6 (Grade 12). One positive thing is that the exams won’t be as difficult as the A-levels. Of course, the drawback is that there is only one exam, so it is sort of an ‘all-or-nothing’ arrangement.


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