Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts
Everybody Hurts

Everybody hurts some days
It’s okay to be afraid
Love hurts, whether it’s right or wrong.
Wish you were here.

These lines come from three different Avril Lavigne songs: Everybody Hurts, What the Hell and Wish You Were Here.

Everybody hurts (Avril Lavigne)

Of course, being older, I think of older songs:

Everybody hurts (Cover version by the Corrs)

Everybody hurts (Original song by R.E.M.)

Love Hurts (by The Everly Brothers)

Wish you were here (Original song by Pink Floyd)





Sleeping Beauty sleeps for a hundred years.
I hope I can always stand by thee.
I love you, can’t you hear?
I can’t explain so clear
Can I dream of you once more.

This time I really hurt badly
Sorry for disturbing you such a long time.
We are just friends…
I hope you could be here and be with me.
I hope you can read this page…we are best friends. sosad =(