You are the Apple of my Eye

The Apple of my Eye

You are the Apple of my Eye is a Taiwanese Film that was a hit in Hong Kong last year.

The expression is quite a common one in English. The original expression dates back to the bible and its first recorded use in Old English was in the 9th Century. It is perhaps best known from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s You are the Sunshine of My Life (which has recently been used in a local ad for McDonalds (perhaps explaining the McDonalds-related imagery).

I also like this song by Bell XI—Eve, Apple of My Eye:

There are a few different songs with the title Apple of My Eye.

Regarding the other names, Jay Chou is, of course the famous Taiwanese pop singer, Avril Lavigne the Canadian pop star and Gigi is one of our students (maybe the apple of a few different pairs of eyes!)


Fail in Putonghua

Fail in Putonghua

“No hope. Exam. Fail in Putonghua. Poor. Hate.”

In Hong Kong, all students are expected to be bi-literate (English and Chinese) and trilingual (Cantonese, Putonghua and English).

Fighting Yangqin

There’s a lot going on in these two pages. The top-left comment must have been written during the 2006-2007 academic year (when the new English Corner opened).

Fighting! This is an interesting term. It comes from English, obviously, but was popularized in Korea with a slightly different pronunciation (hwaiting – 화이팅) and with a different meaning. It serves as a form of encouragement (to yourself or others) to work harder and not give up (e.g., OMG! Exams are next week. Fighting!). It became part of Hong Kong slang, I think, after the Korean TV series Full House became popular here (you can find out more about the term at

At our school, success in inter-school music competitions, like the Music Festival, is very important. A lot of students are heavily involved as soloists or group members. We have an orchestra, symphonic band, Chinese orchestra, various choirs, vocal ensembles and chamber groups.

The yangqin is an interesting Chinese instrument —a trapezoidal zither player with mallets.