Money Cat




This is a sketch of our cat-shaped piggy bank in the English Corner. The late fine is two dollars per day, which isn’t much, but it can add up if the student has borrowed several items. The money collected is used for buying new items DVDs and music CDs and for replacement costs and stationery.The cat is a character called Kam Kam (who is friends with a dog called Don Don. Their product are designed and produced by a local (HK) company called PETS@work.


Love Yourself

Love Yourself

“Actually, I don’t know if God really loves me, but at least I love myself.”

The page on the features a lot of emoticons ( I am unfamiliar with these symbols. If ‘XD’ means ‘lauging’, what does ‘XP’ mean?

I think the comment (Nationalism→Classilism) is intended to mean that a stratified social class system is one of the consequences of nationalism.

Portfolio = Trouble

40 Entries = Trouble x 40
40 Entries = Trouble x 40

The English Portfolio is a kind of self-directed learning task done by students at our school. Is it really so much trouble (trouble x 40)? If you are interested to see it, you can find it here:

Interestingly, there is a student anti-portfolio (is that too strong a term?) group on Facebook:  English Portfolio去留研討獨立委員會