Sketch: Holding Balloons


We are back with a new site layout and this drawing by Serena.


Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts
Everybody Hurts

Everybody hurts some days
It’s okay to be afraid
Love hurts, whether it’s right or wrong.
Wish you were here.

These lines come from three different Avril Lavigne songs: Everybody Hurts, What the Hell and Wish You Were Here.

Everybody hurts (Avril Lavigne)

Of course, being older, I think of older songs:

Everybody hurts (Cover version by the Corrs)

Everybody hurts (Original song by R.E.M.)

Love Hurts (by The Everly Brothers)

Wish you were here (Original song by Pink Floyd)


Money Cat




This is a sketch of our cat-shaped piggy bank in the English Corner. The late fine is two dollars per day, which isn’t much, but it can add up if the student has borrowed several items. The money collected is used for buying new items DVDs and music CDs and for replacement costs and stationery.The cat is a character called Kam Kam (who is friends with a dog called Don Don. Their product are designed and produced by a local (HK) company called PETS@work.

Books to Read and Songs to Listen to

Books to Read and Songs to Listen to

UT refers to the Uniform Test, which is a kind of mid-term exam. One strange things about the school system in Hong Kong is that a lot of effort is made to encourage students to develop a reading habit; however, students who naturally want to read are often too busy doing homework or cramming for exams and don’t have the time to read.



Sleeping Beauty sleeps for a hundred years.
I hope I can always stand by thee.
I love you, can’t you hear?
I can’t explain so clear
Can I dream of you once more.

This time I really hurt badly
Sorry for disturbing you such a long time.
We are just friends…
I hope you could be here and be with me.
I hope you can read this page…we are best friends. sosad =(


Misheard Lyrics: White Horse by Taylor Swift

White Horse: Misheard Lyrics
White Horse: Misheard Lyrics

Misheard or Misremembered?

Another Princes, it’s same with fairy tale
I’m not the one who sleep over feet
Leader rubs is swept well the scene

White Horse by Taylor Swift


Kate’s Cover of Breathe
We just recorded this cover version of Taylor Swift’s Breathe. I think Kate did a great job with the vocals and piano arrangement:

Sketch of Juggling Cubes


Sketch of Juggling Cubes

To attract students to visit the English Corner, we try to have as many interesting activities as possible. These cubes are from a book on how to juggle. Unfortunately, the students would to juggle the cubes in our tiny English Corner and started breaking things like glass picture frames, so we had to ‘retire’ the cubes and books.


Endless Rain: X -Japan
Endless Rain: X -Japan

A page introducing Japanese metal band X Japan. It references the ballad Endless Rain and the rock song Rusty Nail : Here is a live performances of the song:

The lyrics on the right are from the English version of Kurenai:

There used to be far more Japanese music fans in Hong Kong a few years ago, but K-Pop has come to dominate the Asian music scene in recent years.

KM Loves X-Japan

Sketch: Manga-style School Girl

School Uniform Sketch
School Uniform Sketch

We have a strict dress code at our school, so this manga-girl would fail on a number of levels: the skirt is way too short (should be below the knees), the blouse is also way too short and her long hair would have to be tied up. Their is an online discussion about our rather strict school rules here:

Taylor Swift’s Love Story

Love Story

‘Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone,
I keep waiting for you,  but you never come.
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess.
It’s a love story, baby, just say “yes”.’

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers amongst our students.

Margherita’s Music Recommendations

Margherta’s Music Recommendations

Hey What’s Up

I never noticed we had an English Corner Diary. I love being here at Lam Woo and I think that the English Corner is an awesome idea! It’s really cool here. The only thing is that people are way too stuck on Korean pop singers. You guys should listen to some more Bob Marley

and how about Radiohead?

Does anybody even know them?

Or since I come from Italy, I should probably give you guys some artists from my country…There you go:



Mellow Mood


Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti


You are the Apple of my Eye

The Apple of my Eye

You are the Apple of my Eye is a Taiwanese Film that was a hit in Hong Kong last year.

The expression is quite a common one in English. The original expression dates back to the bible and its first recorded use in Old English was in the 9th Century. It is perhaps best known from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s You are the Sunshine of My Life (which has recently been used in a local ad for McDonalds (perhaps explaining the McDonalds-related imagery).

I also like this song by Bell XI—Eve, Apple of My Eye:

There are a few different songs with the title Apple of My Eye.

Regarding the other names, Jay Chou is, of course the famous Taiwanese pop singer, Avril Lavigne the Canadian pop star and Gigi is one of our students (maybe the apple of a few different pairs of eyes!)

March Birthday

March Birthday

Today is 4th March 2011. Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday. She is 17 finally! You are 16 going on 17, But my own birthday is in August . I can’t wait for my 17th birthday. That’s because I’m going to celebrate my 17th birthday wit a special person. And I know he is going to make my party CRAZY, but full of fun. Really looking forward to his arrival.