Magazines and Comics

At the moment we only have five titles in the English Corner:

1. Teen Vogue
We buy this magazine regularly and currently have about 20 issues.
2. Seventeen
We occasionally get issues of this magazine. At the moment, however, we only have three issues.
3. Life Story
This title is quite difficult to find in Hong Kong; I rarely see it in the bookshops, but it is interesting as because the each issue focuses on a single topic (e.g., the Twilight series, the Harry Potter series).
4. Aranzi Machine  Gun
This fun magazine includes photos, illustrations and comics featuring the kawaii and bizarre characters created by Aranzi Aronzo. Each of the three volumes contains a handicrafts section.
5. Emily the Strange
Articles and stories featuring Emily (published by Dark Horse Comics)

We have been cutting down on the number of magazines we have in stock as it is quite expensive to buy magazines regularly. The teen idol magazines (e.g., Tiger Beat and J-14) can date very quickly, with hot stars suddenly going out of fashion. Educational, current affairs and sports magazines (e.g., ABC Magazine, National Geographic, National Geographic Kids, Time and Football Weekly, etc.) were not being borrowed or read.

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