French Music

The following music CDs by French artists are available in our English Corner:

Alizee Une Enfant du Siecle Pop (French)
Alizee Psychedelices Pop (French)
Ariane Moffat Tous Les Sens Pop (French)
Ariane Moffat Ma Pop (French & English)
Carla Bruni No Promises Pop, Acoustic (French & English)
Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM Alternative (French & English)
Cocoon Where the Ocean’s End English language, Acoustic
Coeur de Pirate Blonde French, Acoustic
Les Cowboys Fringants Que Du Vent French, Alternative
Emilie Simon Franky Knight Alternative (French & English)
Emilie Simon The Emperor’s Journey Alternative (French & English)
Emilie Simon Emilie Simon Alternative (French & English)
Emilie Simon Vegetal Alternative (French & English)
Joyce Jonathan Sur Mes Gardes French Pop
Keren Ann Nolita Pop, Acoustic
Keren Ann Keren Ann Pop, Acoustic
Keren Ann Not Going Anywhere Pop, Acoustic
Keren Ann 101 Pop, Acoustic
Melanie Pain My Name Pop (French)
Nouvelle Vague Coleurs Sur Paris French, Acoustic Pop
Tricot Machine La Prochaine Étape French, Acoustic Pop
Vulgaires Machins Vulgaires Machins French, Rock
Yann Tiersen C’Était Ici French & English, Pop, Soundtrack
Various Artists Génération Passe-Partout Pop, Acoustic, Alternative
Various Artists La Nouvelle Pop Francaise Alternative (French/English)
Various Artists Rendez-vous en France French, Acoustic
Various Artists So Frenchy, Si Chic French, Alternative, Acoustic

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