You are the Apple of my Eye

The Apple of my Eye

You are the Apple of my Eye is a Taiwanese Film that was a hit in Hong Kong last year.

The expression is quite a common one in English. The original expression dates back to the bible and its first recorded use in Old English was in the 9th Century. It is perhaps best known from the lyrics of Stevie Wonder’s You are the Sunshine of My Life (which has recently been used in a local ad for McDonalds (perhaps explaining the McDonalds-related imagery).

I also like this song by Bell XI—Eve, Apple of My Eye:

There are a few different songs with the title Apple of My Eye.

Regarding the other names, Jay Chou is, of course the famous Taiwanese pop singer, Avril Lavigne the Canadian pop star and Gigi is one of our students (maybe the apple of a few different pairs of eyes!)


One thought on “You are the Apple of my Eye

  1. In fact, I still haven’t watched this movie till now.But I have already been familiar of the scenes of this film . To me, I think it is a real reflection of teenagers.In the film, Or King Teng loves to fight for his dream, he goes to practise boxing ,although he knows his girl,Shum Ka Yi doesn’t like him to do so.He never gives up his favourites,his girl and also boxing. In people’s eyes ,he may be a stupid and childish boy, doing something like a comedy does. But think deeply, Isn’t it the shadow of you and me? In our lives , we did many interesting and funny things that we would always laugh at ourselves while we are looking back. That’s what we were in the past, having a smiley face.That’s our memories,which are unique and unforgetable.
    In our class ,there may have some games which belong to us.You may find it nonsense and crazy,however they are all memoriabe to our class,
    Back to the film, I think common memories should be the reason why HK people enjoy it so much.

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