Big Big World

It’s so very cold outside

The song being referred to is Big Big World by Emilia. It’s about 10 years old, but it is still quite popular among students here (in Hong Kong). The video below shows the lyrics to the song:

Here is a live version:

By the way, I am the ‘Richards’ (i.e., not the sexy one). The cool and handsome one is Chris, who was a Teaching Assistant at our school.

I’m still not sure why students here often address me using only my surname.  Maybe they think Mr Richards is too formal and Stephen is too informal, so they go with using the surname by itself (which tends to sound rude). Also, it doesn’t help that my surname sounds like a given name.

Some other  expatriate teachers get around this problem by having students address them with a title and given name (e.g., Mr. Bob, Miss Julie). Does it sound kindergartenish?

I guess it could be worse.  Hong Kong students sometimes given themselves the worst names possible. For example, I have taught:

  • Alien (male)
  • Hitler (male)
  • Beast (female)
  • Monkey (two females)
  • Uranus (one male and one female)

To see more weird names, you can visit:


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